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An entrepreneur looking to scale your impact?

Check out our list of upcoming events and programs. Not finding what you’re looking for? We’ll help you connect with other organizations, resources, and opportunities that better fit your needs.

Events + Meetups
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An impact maker looking for connection and inspiration?

Join as a member of Impact Hub Boston and gain access to our online community, our cowork space, and more! We are here to INSPIRE, CONNECT, and ENABLE you to succeed.

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A forward-thinking organization looking to connect with impact entrepreneurs?

Become a partner. We’re always looking for new and creative ways to empower our community of entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking to invest in world changing startups, seeking participants for an entrepreneurial support program, or wondering how you can play a role in building better businesses for a better world, there’s a way to collaborate with the Impact Hub network to make magic happen.

Change the future today

Tomorrow is too late

We believe that the time to act is now. Changing the future for the better starts today.

The world needs dramatic action to achieve its sustainability and development objectives; we’re still seeing rising CO2 emissions and species loss, and the inequality gap is widening in many places across the globe. Nearly half of humanity lives on less than $5.50 a day.

Entrepreneurship accelerates the transition to a greener and fairer planet.

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